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Your Tec-View system is built from various Hardware Components connected and configured to meet your particular set of needs and preferences, Tec-View Software is the essential ingredient which controls and co-ordinates this hardware and provides the interface intelligence between Tec-View, your customers and you.




Did you know..


There are approximately 50,000 lines of code in Tec-View Software.

Tec-View Software runs on the latest Microsoft .NET platform.

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Tec-View System Software

Architecture Overview

Somewhere in your Tec-View system lies a database containing information about your properties. Each Tec-View controller contains an identical copy of this database (the databases are automatically kept in synchronisation with each other using a process called "replication"). If you have more than one branch running Tec-View, you still have only one database. When information changes, all databases are automatically kept up to date using the Internet.

Tec-View software is a self-contained application which contains all the functionality you need to add and edit information contained in the database. Exactly the same application is used by Tec-View controllers to drive Tec-View display screens based on the information you have placed in the database and to respond to customer requests to view or print information on selected properties.

Tec-View is installed on every Tec-View controller and also every workstation you intend to use to edit the Tec-View database. If there is a strong reason for not installing Tec-View software on your workstations, we can also configure your Tec-View system to allow you to access Tec-View software from your web browser, without installing Tec-View software on your workstations.

Finally, each screen controlled by Tec-View can run a different price range, cover a different geographical area or focus on property rentals or sales. In this way, a Tec-View installation can grow as your needs expand without having to worry about maintaining a separate database for each screen.

Software Licensing Model

Management Licence Summary

A management licence entitles you to run Tec-View software on one workstation and one associated Lap-Top computer (not concurrently) for the purposes of managing the information contained in a Tec-View Database. It does not entitle you to use Tec-View software to advertise properties.

A Management licence is a perpetual licence - once you have bought it, there is no restriction on how long you can use it for. Updates are free for the first year only.

Run-Time Licence Summary

A run time licence entitles you to run Tec-View software to advertise property on a single screen.

A Run-Time licence is not a perpetual licence, and lasts for a period of one year. To use Tec-View Software for advertising purposes beyond this period, you need to obtain a fresh run-time licence.

Tec-View Run-Time licences are only sold as part of an overall Tec-View Service Agreement.

PC and Network Pre-Requisites

If your workstations are reasonably up-to-date, there should be no problem in installing and running Tec-View Software. During our pre-install survey, we will undertake a mini health check on your PC's and IT infrastructure and advice if any upgrades are required. Tecbridge can undertake this work for you, or alternatively we can advise you what needs to be done prior to installation.

The basic requirements are :-

512 MByte RAM


100 MByte free disk space


Windows 2000 or Windows XP


Microsoft .Net Framework V1.1 (available through Windows Update)


Monitor with similar or larger resolution to Tec-View screens


100BaseT LAN





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