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Interactive Window Advertising Solutons for Independent Estate Agents

Hardware Components

Your Tec-View system is built from various Hardware Components connected and configured to meet your particular set of needs and preferences, Tec-View Software is the essential ingredient which controls and co-ordinates this hardware and provides the interface intelligence between Tec-View, your customers and you.




Did you know..


Tecbridge writes all its own Software using the latest Microsoft .NET technology.

If there is a special feature you need and it enhances our products, we may be able to provide it free of charge.

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Tec-View System Overview

Illustrated below are the main system components used by Tecbridge to construct your Tec-View System.

There are very few constraints on what you can combine together - you can have as many or few screens as you need, as many keypads, Web-Cams and Printers as you need. The Tec-View software has been designed to accommodate almost every combination of system elements as you might need.

Tecbridge worries about almost every detail of your Tec-View system - we talk to you about your preferences and needs and handle all the technical detail required to bring your vision to fruition.




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